mardi 14 janvier 2014

Windows Store & WCF Frustration

I was doing a nice & simple news app for the Windows Store in C# that uses WCF as its backend, and everything was going fine (by the book).

I created the Windows Store project, added Service Reference and started to code away happily. But at some point I decided to indicate in my WCF contract that my service can throw FaultExceptions.

It was already throwing FaultExceptions in some methods as part of its "normal" operation, and it was working fine (the Windows Store app was getting the FaultExceptions with all the metadata I attached) but I wanted to make it explicit for the other developers who were using my service to see which method threw FaultExceptions and which did not.

That was a very bad mistake that took an entire evening with the team to figure out: do not use FaultContract in your WCF service if your client is a Windows Store app. It will simply fail to generate the client proxy the next time you do an update service reference. That is the worst kind of error, because there could be some time between the moment you've added the FaultContract and the moment you  wonder where on Earth is your proxy client. And it does not even put out a message, warning or error when you update the service reference: it includes all the classes except the client proxy. A silent but deadly error.
And that lead us to a bug hunt where we re-created the Web.configs, created test projects trying to reproduce the bug, reverted files etc...

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